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"VERNISSAGE" business center

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  • Location: 59 Hanrapetutyan str. 0010, Yerevan, Armenia,
  • Materials and design on Lessee's request,
  • Plan: based on Lessee's proposal,
  • Levels: 11 floors,
  • Office spaces: started from 2nd till 10th level, in total 3200 sq.m,
  • For pricing, please contact with us
  • Amenities:
    • Lobby,
    • 24 hours security service,
    • 2 elevators,
    • 30 parking places, inside,
    • 3 levels department store,
    • Sky italian restaurant,
    • Conference hall - 400 sq.m,
    • Central Heating/Cooling,
    • Private garden,
    • Lessee's rented one single floor will have 3 parking places, free of charge
  • Utility costs:
    • in case of multi-Lessees the cost of utility expenses will cover by Landlord,
    • in case of one or maximum two Lessees in a floor, the cost of utility will cover by Lessee's itself,

In case of any interest, please send email to info@sahakyanshin.am 

Seismic conclusion: Conclusion